Live a little

Sarah Clark Basden. Dig girls and lacrosse. Trying to figure everything out. "Love is addictive. Use your brain to temper your heart. And use your heart to check your brain."


life goal: hair long enough to cover my nipples

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Holy mother fucker. Get in my pants again.


You have my heart, now please sit on my face


or nah // the weeknd ft. ty dolla $ign & wiz khalifa

FREE download: here

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I will tell you this now, you do not deserve her. She deserves the world. More than that, actually, and if there is no compliance from you for her, the next thing you see will be my fist in your face. She will not wait for you. Don’t even ask her to, because she will leave. She will not be “your bitch” because she is no body’s bitch but her own. She deserves so much more than what you give but if you try to give her the world, always try to give her more. And no matter what you give to her, always remember one thing:
She deserves so much more than that.
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